Calibration & Repair Services

Kane Canada offers a Variety of services in our ISO Certified  17025:2017. We provide one of the fasted, most reliable after sales support in our Industry. We can perform calibrations and/or recertifications on all manufactures Tools, Not just KANE or UEi product offerings!

Kane Canada Products

Easy to find and easy to use innovative products with specific applications including: flue gas analysis, IAQ monitoring, combustible gas detection, automotive gas analyzers, pressure, electrical & temperature measurement.


For USA product offering use this portal.

Product purchased through any USA website or through Amazon MUST be registered in the USA.


To purchase Canadian product with a Canadian warranty, products must be purchased from a Canadian wholesaler. 


We are Canadian Based and proud to have achieved ISO 17025:2017. Kane Canada is certified to Calibrate all Acoustic, Electrical, Time & Frequency, Mechanical, Dimensional, Chemical, and Thermodynamic Equipment.

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Essential Instruments
Flue Gas Analyzers

We manufacture Flue Gas Analyzers with specific applications including the installation, commissioning and servicing of domestic oil, commercial catering and industrial gas appliances. Safety checks, in room CO readings or CO around an appliance. Further offerings include Combustion performance, combustion efficiency checks and flue draft.

Indoor Air Quality

Portable monitoring of CO, CO2 and Air Flow for both residential and commercial spaces. Humidity and moisture options present a full offering of products

Leak Detectors

We offer easy to use leak detectors ideal for pinpointing leaks on various gases including methane, propane and natural gas. Also includes refrigerant leak detectors for CFC's and HCFC's.

Pressure Meteres

High accuracy pressure meters including meters suitable for difficult applications such as flue draft measurement and differential pressure of gas/air values on high efficiency boilers.


Digital and infrared thermometers measuring up to 1370°C/2498°F. Options include measuring single and differential temperature, as well as options for specific applications for temperature data collection.


A Selection of east to use robust multimeters and “clamp on” multimeters. Features include,  amps, AC/DC volts, ohms and frequency measurement. Some models include true RMS, auto-ranging and wireless connectivity.

Combustion Probes

Each flue gas analyzer comes a high quality stainless steel probe. Most with integral thermocouples. Options for both standard and high temperature.

Automotive Analyzers

Portable and easy to use automotive exhaust gas analyzers and a diesel exhaust smoke meter designed to meet recognized international standards including MID and OIML Class 1.

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