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Kane Canada offers ISO Certified Calibration Services

Calibration and recertification of instruments is done to assure for traceability and dependability in every measurement for the specified applications. Environmental conditions and general use over time may cause instruments to fall out of the scope of appropriate operation, they may drift or provide unreliable values. Calibration and repair services are available to all test and measuring instruments (see below list for capabilities)

Recertification Center - ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Servicing all areas of Industry including aerospace, automotive, bio-pharmaceutical, food services, construction, transport & manufacturing.

Kane Canada Measurement Solutions is certified to calibrate a broad spectrum of instrumentations:

  • Acoustic

  • Electrical

  • Time & Frequency

  • Mechanical

  • Temperature & Humidity

  • Pressure

  • Dimensional

  • Chemical

  • Thermodynamic Equipment

We are happy to supply a one-time service quote or create and implement a comprehensive calibration program for all of your equipment. We do it with a fast turnaround and qualified technicians giving your company piece of mind.

Email or call us 1.877.475.0648 for your quote today.

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