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TACK20 - Test and Check Advanced Kit w/ DL479/ CD100A/ EM152/ PDT550

Convenient Advanced Test and Check Kit, includes True RMS Clamp meter, Combustible leak detector, Dual input manometer, NSF waterproof thermometer, K-Type pipe clamp adapter, K-Type Input jack adapter, Carrying case


Min/Max: Yes

Ranging: Auto/Man

Display count: 6000

Backlight: Yes

Worklight: Yes

Temperature Inputs: 2

Relative Mode: Yes

Protective boot or overmolding: Yes

Differential pressure: Yes

Selectable units: Yes

Warranty: 2-Year limited

Adjustable tic rate: Yes

Water Proof: Yes

Hold: Peak Hold

Auto power off: Yes

Low battery warning: Yes

Dual display: Yes

Detachable head: Yes

Temp differential: Yes

DC Zero: Yes

Dual Presssure Input: Yes

Zero: Yes

Magnetic mount: Yes

Gooseneck: 18 inch

Audible and visual tic rate: Yes

Dual purpose probe cover: Yes


Leak Detector: CD100A

Thermometer: PDT550

Adapter: ATT70

Manual (Spa): Yes

Test Leads: Yes

Batteries: AAA (2)

Temp Probe: Yes

K-type/Input Jack adapter: Yes

Manometer: EM152

Temperature sensor: ATTPC3

Manual (Eng): Yes

Manual (Frn): Yes

Alligator clips: Yes

Pouch/Cases: Yes

Pipe Clamp Probe: Yes

Meter: DL479


Data Sheet - English

Manual - English

Manual - Spanish

Manual -French

Hi-Res Picture

Line Drawing

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