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C165NO-EOS Long Life Combustion Analyzer w/ NO

The C165NO, with EOS Technology, eliminates the number one hassle experienced by HVAC technicians, the cost and down time of replacing the O2 sensor. The EOS award-winning technology for combustion analysis replaces the everyday electro-optical sensor with EOS CO2 technology, lowering the cost of ownership. The C165NO offers direct CO2 measurement and features a 30 second start up time


Preprogrammed Fuels: 11

Start time: 60 second

Memory Positions: 160

Warranty: 1-Year Limited

K-type input: Yes

Automatic fresh air purge: Yes

IR printer link: Yes

Worklight: Yes

Temp differential: Yes

Sensor Technology: EOS

Differential pressure: Yes

User define fuels: 5

High altitude compensation: Yes

Magnetic mount: Yes

Recording/Data Logging: Yes

Digital: Yes

Number of display parameters: 6 lines

Backlight: Yes

Temperature Inputs: K-Types

Protective boot or overmolding: Yes

Dual Presssure Input: Yes


Pouch/Cases: Yes

Flue probe: Yes

Inlet tube/probe connector: Yes

Manual (Eng): Yes

Manual (Frn): Yes

Batteries: 3 (AA) Rechargeable

Infrared printer: Yes

USB cable: Yes

Charger: Yes

Manual (Spa): Yes

Quick Start Guide: Yes