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Products / Product Selector / / INF195C - 12:1 IR Thermometer w/ K-Type Thermocouple Input


INF195C - 12:1 IR Thermometer w/ K-Type Thermocouple Input

The INF195C offers the unique circular laser targeting showing users the exact spot being measured. This 12:1 Infrared Thermometer also offers advanced features including a wider temperature range, K-Type input, selectable emissivity levels, Min/Max, average, differential, a user adjustable alarm and backed by a 1-Year limited warranty.


Min/Max: Yes

Backlight: Yes

Temp differential: Yes

Warranty: 1-Year limited

Average: Yes

Selectable emissivity: Yes

Low battery warning: Yes

Temperature Inputs: 1

Selectable units: Yes

Hi/Lo alarm: Yes

K-type input: Yes


Manual (Eng): Yes

Manual (Frn): Yes

Pouch/Cases: Yes

Manual (Spa): Yes

Batteries: AAA (2)

Temp Probe: Yes


Data Sheet - English

Manual - English

Hi-Res Picture

Line Drawing

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